Turin Shroud is a fake and its expertise is lied about

The Turin Shroud is the most famous relic in the world. Millions believe that it is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ bearing his crucified and bloodied image. The cloth is kept at Turin in Italy. The cloth is an enigma. Many say it is a miracle.

A real Jesus would have had a hard time living rough and would not have had the tall strong muscled body of the Shroud man.  He has a strong jawline and evidently shows no sign of having lost teeth to any significant degree.  Jodi Magness in her wonderful book Stone, Dung, Oil and Spit shows her remarkable New Testament scholarship and grasp of archeology.  She shows that Jesus' culture was not just one where you could be stabbed or bludgeoned to death any moment, but one where insanitary practices and harmful medicine and disease were rampant and affected everybody.  Jesus in fact would have probably died in the same year he was nailed anyway.  One big issue was teeth.  Everybody lost them and everybody had infections and many died of tooth infections.

Jesus was allegedly wrapped in the Shroud of Turin. There is no denying its maker wanted it to be taken for a contact print. But even believers are beginning to deny that it is a contact print. They come up with scenarios where the body and cloth floated and ceased to touch where the image was magicked onto the cloth. The blood stains are positioned as they would be on a painting. A contact print that is not a contact print is simply a forgery. 

The shroud image is engineered to make it look like it was made by pressure. Where the body presses into the cloth you get a stronger image. Unfortunately this is a sign of deliberate fraud for the back image should be more intense than the front and it is not.  The image is some form of pressure art.  The artist did not want Jesus' rump to be too apparent.
However the Turin image shows parts of Jesus' body that would not have touched the cloth.

The media in its non-expert arrogance has fueled the nonsense spouted by Shroud researchers for stories about the Shroud being real sell papers.  The researchers are too convinced that a body really lay in the cloth.  That is unprovable.  Also, they won't admit that even if the Shroud is authentic that it has been tampered with.  They cannot admit that if the body of Jesus was imaged on to the cloth then somehow his hair for example was imaged on after and was done wrong for it looks like it was hanging down as if it were the hair of a man standing up!!  There are many other problems such as the picturelike blood.  They cannot admit tampering for that would suggest that somebody knew how to make the image.  Though we can all be biased, their bias goes too far and ruins their credibility.  STURP and Catholic pro-shroudies are over-anxious to avert any doubts or scepticism.

And there is a light yellow substance that sits on the fibres making the image on one side and it sometimes appears on the other as well without passing through the cloth. This happens mostly with the face image which is another indication that the cloth really just cares about Jesus' face the most as it would if it were a forgery. It is not a contact print for parts of the body that would have been inches away from the cloth and could not have touched it show up clearly. And there would be tell-tale creases. So the cloth has no hard or soft evidence that it involved a real body or depicts a real man, as opposed to a statue or something, never mind Jesus. The cloth is meant to appear as a contact print but it fails. It is meant to fool the untrained eye of pilgrims. The artist of the shroud perhaps made the image vague so help avoid detection or to prevent sceptics in the Church from ruling the day. A fraud has to be rigged up to survive being exposed. Many do. The cloth is really about appealing to ghouls who want an image of death and blood and gore. It gives no indication that Jesus miraculously rose from the dead.
Some think the shroud is an artists representation of what Jesus's burial cloth might have been like. They point out that there is no reason to believe that the cloth was actually intended to be taken for the real image of Jesus. It cannot be proven that the image was even made before the 1300's. Given how much God hates religious error, you would expect him to make sure that the cloth was certified or something by somebody who was there when Jesus died. He said religion is about him not what we think so he will not encourage anything that will get in the way of that. A variation of the artist view is that the cloth is a miraculous artwork done perhaps by Christ himself - it is not his real image or shroud.
Some think the shroud is Jesus' real burial shroud and that he imprinted it in the tomb with the image of his corpse and his blood. These people are forced to assume that a miracle prevented the natural distortion you would expect from such a process, that a miracle put the image on and that a miracle put the blood on without it smearing. That is not science but speculation. Yet those who indulge in it call themselves scientists!
Most think that the cloth was intended to be taken for the real burial cloth of Jesus and bearing his image which makes it a forgery.
This article thinks about the shroud in the light of it being intended to be taken for the real winding sheet of Christ. Is it real or is it a forgery?

Despite all the strange things that seem to be in the Shroud’s favour, the supporters choose to ignore proof on the cloth itself that nobody was ever wrapped up in it. THE TOP OF THE HEAD ITSELF IS NOT SEEN! If the image had been wrapped around a head you would not see this effect. The cloth should show blood marks and images as if it were wrapped around the top of a head. Instead, it looks as if the back and front were put on separately with no connection in between. There should be a connection if the cloth covered a body. It is like somebody taking a photo of you from the front and then one from the back and putting them together with the head on each photo touching. It is not a natural effect when you have a cloth that a man was supposedly wrapped up in and which went over the top of his head.
It is bizarre how the face of "Jesus" matches the way medieval people visualised him. He had long hair and a long face and a beard. Nobody knows what Jesus looked like but we do know he was not really likely to resemble paintings by gothic medieval artists.
The blood on the cloth is not real blood. It is said to be anatomically correct but there is a wide scope for interpreting anatomically correct. Also, it is easy to make anatomically correct blood images if you do not consider wraparound distortion. The blood would be messier if there was really a body in the cloth.
The images show no sign of wraparound distortion. It looks like it was intended for display.
The believers argue that the image was made by radiation. But why can't they settle for saying they don't know? If there was an image of Charlemagne made the same way as the shroud they would say it was a mystery and leave it at that. The radiation theory presupposes the miraculous. You cannot say it is a miracle but you can only say that it is either supernatural or natural but inexplicable or unexplainable. Calling something a miracle is saying you don't know how it happened anyway. The shroud image is not the only mysterious image or item in the world. If the image can be explained by radiation that does not mean the explanation is true. And where are the Shrouds made by this radiation just to prove the theory possible or true? 
The errors on the Shroud prove that if there is a mystery about how it was created, it is still not authentic.
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