Jesus told demons to go and the person recovered there and then. Nobody ever reports such success today. Paul according to the Acts of the Apostles was annoyed by a girl with a demon following him around and he lost his temper and told it to get out in the name of Jesus and it did there and then.

All admit that it is hard to tell if somebody really is possessed. All the exorcist does in such a case is attempt to use the name of Jesus to get the demon out and if it works the person was possessed. This seems outrageously cruel. It is trying to test the alleged cure to see what the diagnosis should be. You don't stoop so low that you amputate a limb in case somebody has gangrene.

Surely if you expect an instant departure in the name of Jesus and it does not happen you should surmise that the person is not possessed and stop trying to treat her with more exorcisms?

The Bible says demons are very strong for the Gadarene demonic was able to break his chains and presumably injure himself thereby. Possession then means that attempting exorcism many only fuel the anger of the demon towards the victim.

Evidence of Satan in the Modern World, Chapter 5 Cases of Possession in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries speaks of persons who got exorcised and then needed at least one more exorcism. What about "the case of a young Bantu girl, Claire-Germaine Cele, of Natal, who was twice possessed and twice delivered by exorcism, once on 10th September 1906, and again on 24th April 1907." Such ideas imply that exorcists do not admit that they failed to get the demon out and that it was dormant. If the person relapses they treat it like the flu and start another course of exorcism.
There can be no doubt that the exorcisms performed by Jesus Christ give bad example. They do that full stop but there is also the problem of how he had no concern for the privacy of the victim.  His exorcisms and example has cost many their lives and caused a lot of suffering especially in centuries gone by. The exorcists say that the demon often gets very violent and abusive towards the victim during an exorcism. The demon reacts angrily towards the exorcism and it supposedly tortures the victim with new ferocity in the hope that the priest will discontinue the exorcism. And it takes many exorcisms to get each one out so the victim could be a bloody mass of pulp before it supposedly succeeds. This is nothing more than religion declaring that it has the right to torment people when it cannot prove that demons exist or possess people if they do. Also, people used to be forced to fast and were beaten up to get the demons out and locked up in towers with monks praying over them for weeks. There can be little doubt that Satan might have performed exorcisms through Jesus so that this would happen. If he cast demons out it was worth it to him for it resulted in superstition and worse evil than possessing.

If the demon is part of the person it is the person who is being tormented by the exorcist.

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