If demons exist then Jesus was consorting with them and manipulating



Suppose demons exist and are active in the world.


The Catholic Church has archives full of tales about how demons have sex with Catholics and try to seduce priests and nuns and monks. And there are thousands of Catholics who are touched by demons and often possessed according to Catholic experts.


The Bible says that if you are really born of God and a child of God you cannot get into the habit of sin and the evil one does not touch you - 1 John 5:18. Hapto is the word translated touch. Hapto means to grab or grasp as in being kidnapped.


It is believed however that the many demonised people who Jesus helped would have included spiritual people who were connected to God and were real disciples. An example could be Luke 13:10-16. But nothing in the Bible indicates that a child of God can be possessed. Demonisation is being bothered by demons but is not possession. A child of God in the Bible is a person who is saved by God and it stresses that good works and sacraments cannot save anyone or make them a follower of Jesus.  The idea is that good works don't make you his brother or sister in God but they happen because you already are his brother or sister. 


So a person being possessed no matter how holy they seemed to be is proof that they are not really children of God. Catholicism's doctrine that being baptised makes you a child of God is anti-scriptural and dangerous. It gives false security to the Catholic and opens the way for demons to come in.


It is common for exorcists and churches to hold that sin opens the door to a demon getting in.  Many exorcism and possession accounts have both demon and victim indicating that this is true.  If a person is possessed due to a mistake they made or somebody putting the demon in them, then their sin is not to blame. As sin is giving the devil and his minions more power over you than a possession would, it follows that sin can open the door to possession. Religion holds that being possessed without it being your fault would be the stuff of magic so it assumes you opened the door by sin. Thus the exorcist would need to be sinless. It does not make sense to think that an exorcist can be safe when he has sin and the victim does not. Exorcists carry out exercises of penitence and contrition and repentance before exorcising. But it is too much to believe that if we all sin as they say that they have the doors closed against demons. Demons supposedly target the holiest the most and even the holy have sins.


The implications of this are that the victim is to blame.  This is abuse for victims usually have clear mental illness problems as well.  Religion holds that being sick mentally and having a demon are compatible.  As possession can be crafty then are exorcists possessed without showing it?  Yes if the idea of sin opening the door is true.  Exorcists are definitely possessed by their self-righteousness aura that is for sure!

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