When you match Pio to frauds you see what he was himself


Daniel Dunglas Home the Scottish medium is said to have never been caught out in trickery.  That is presented as important.  It is not.  People have been caught out faking and "explained" it away.  That way you can know a person is a fake but the wind in the sails is removed by the "explanation".  Florence Cook one time was caught pretending to be a spirit she had materialised and she said she was in a trance and had been moving around confused and was not intending any supernatural imposture.  Home boasted that other mediums were fakes for they worked in the dark.  His method was for the lights to gradually go down and then things started happening so he was no better.  

Padre Pio had excuses too for everything.  They catch him out but not in the strict sense.  Pio was looked at by a reliable doctor who found his "wounds" were scabs on top of the skin.  The doctors who found wounds could themselves explain it away by saying that whatever did Pio's wounds kept changing them.  No "explanation" ever happens without idiots and accomplices.  It is not just the charlatan himself or herself.

Pio could have used carbolic acid to make marks and cause scabs.  Circular stigmata is suspicious anyway for Jesus if he had been nailed by the hands or wrists would not have had such tidy marks and they would have been deformed by the weight of his body.

Here is a story.  "Teresita De Vecchi, went to San Giovanni Rotondo on one occasion in order to make her confession to Padre Pio. As she waited in the confessional line, she was able to see Padre Pio clearly. She noticed that his customary half-gloves covered his hands completely. Teresita had a great desire to see the wounds in his hands. At the very moment she was thinking about his hands and wishing that she could see them, Padre Pio slowly pulled up one of his gloves so that his entire hand was exposed. Teresita noticed that his hand was very white and smooth. In the center of his palm was a large crust of clotted blood which reached almost to his fingers. After a moment, he slowly pulled the glove back down over his hand. 

Teresita made her confession to Padre Pio and before she left the confessional, she kissed his hand. She became instantly aware of a strong smell of carbolic acid. After she left the confessional, it lingered in the air around her for several hours. When she returned to her home, she could not get the thought of Padre Pio out of her mind. She kept thinking about the intensity of his dark and piercing eyes and the terrible wounds in his hands. 

Several weeks later, Teresita was on a train trip to the city of Lugano in southern Switzerland. As she passed through a mountainous region, she looked out the window and saw the town that she had grown up in. A feeling of homesickness swept over her. Her heart was aching as she thought of her dear family. Precious memories of days gone by flooded her mind. Suddenly, she noticed the same smell of carbolic acid that she had perceived when she kissed Padre Pio's hand in the confessional. She knew then that Padre Pio was near and was aware of her sadness." 

Carbolic acid affects the lungs adversely.  Pio frequently had respiratory problems ...

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