Fatima 1917 visions were predicted it seems at a seance!!

The Virgin Mary allegedly appeared to three young children, Jacinta born 1910, Lucia born 1907 and Francisco born 1908 in Fatima Portugal in 1917. 
The Catholic Church disapproves of spiritualism and mediums yet it is a fact that some big event to take place on May 13 1917 was predicted by the spirits and published in newspapers before the event. This was the date of the first apparition of “Mary” at Fatima. Chapter 1 deals with this anomaly. On February 7th that year, a spiritualistic automatic writing transmission from an entity called Stella Matutina went as follows. It said that judging was wrong and that though God doesn't allow the future to be seen he makes exceptions and to be confident in the prophecy. “The date of May 13th will be one of great happiness for the good souls of the world”. It then says to have faith and be good and that love is always at your side and friends will assist you in your work and the brightness of the morning star will illuminate the path for you.
Catholics often believe that demons are behind such communications. If so, demons would not advertise Fatima unless it was their work. The prophecy is made in religious terms indicating that the event would be a religious one. The message says the event will back up spiritualism. Spiritualists would not be saying a great religious event will happen and for people to get guidance from it and from spiritualistic friends if the apparition was going to be really of the Virgin Mary representing Catholic orthodoxy.
Stella Matutina or Morning Star could be the Virgin Mary. Morning Star is one of her titles in the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In Isaiah in the Bible, Morning Star is the name of Lucifer who Catholics say is the Devil.
If we have a supernatural communication from Mary predicting the apparitions, could it be that the vision was of Mary but not the Roman Catholic Mary? This Mary was pro-spiritualism and so was a spirit guide not an infallible Mother of God or semi-deity.
A group of psychics in Lisbon got the number 135917 a cipher for the date of the first apparition and published the message in newspapers in March 1917. The publication of a number and a few words was a strange thing to do. To spiritualists it seems they felt compelled to do so, so it was an important date.
The Church totally ignored these prophecies (page 12) for it was only interested in making Fatima fit Church teaching.
What must not be forgotten is that if something supernatural happened at Fatima on May 13, the entity was not the orthodox Roman Catholic Virgin Mary. It was only the priests of the Church who said it was. It was only an interpretation. It was only a human interpretation. They claimed it was up to their commission of investigation to decide who the vision was. If the predictions were genuinely supernatural, then we have something better than that. We have evidence from the beyond that the entity was not Mary. It is no use saying, “O demons knew what God was going to do at Fatima and send his mother there and they tried to spoil it all by making it look like it was not God’s work.” You can’t blame demons every time something comes up that disturbs you. Then the demons never made any significant effort to inspire the mediums to try and claim the apparitions. When something doesn’t look contrived nobody has the right to say it is contrived. Besides, the interpretation from the beyond is more authoritative for it is supernatural. It could still be wrong but at least it is not a human one and we know what they are like for errors!

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