Exorcist has zero right to diagnose possession and blame demons


Exorcists diagnosing possession is terrible.

Usually it is based on the alleged entity knowing things the victim should not.  And the entity being able to abuse the body in a way that would be beyond the victim's capacity is another consideration.  A victim who imagines she is possessed will react badly to holy objects such as crucifixes etc. It is assumed the entity can be fooled.  

What the exorcist does is sprinkle the person with unblessed water and holy water.  If they react every time holy water is actually used they know there is a demon there.  

See how insane that is?  The exorcist will sprinkle with prayer so why is the demon not reacting because of that even if the water is not blessed?  The exorcist is clearly lying too.  And a demon if it knows if water is blessed should know if it is not blessed either. And as for the knowledge thing, the Church never checks or cares how apparitions of Jesus or Mary say nothing that the witness does not already know.

All these checks are covers for how the exorcist does not care if there is a demon or not for real.  He wants you to think there is one. 

A doctor needs to know what a sickness does and what causes it and what it will be expected to do.  An exorcist cannot know if the person's own spirit is impersonating a demon.  Or if Jesus Christ who the person might invite in as a Christian is doing it.  Jesus said one time that he could not use Satan's power to cast out demons otherwise Satan's kingdom would collapse.  "A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand".  This was a strange argument for Jesus doing a handful of exorcisms would do it no harm.  Had he not heard of strategy?  And clearly he thought that Satan needed to send his minions to possess people to have a kingdom! That is a change from how he supposedly is the Prince of Evil and getting people to sin is what really matters.  The exorcist cannot know if a demon or its power over a person will simply burn out.  Many traditions say that evil or harmful entities get their power from people believing in them and fearing them so the exorcism attempts may help keep it active.  And an exorcist assumes the demon will stay unless evicted which is another strange presumption.
Mainstream Christianity dislikes the notion that the victim is both possessed and also sinning to keep the demon there for that makes exorcists superfluous.  It deprives it of any right to consider the person a true victim.

Jesus was utterly useless when it came to critical thinking regarding demonology so the exorcist industry acting in his name is gravely aberrant.  

If Satan is the biggest demon he can possess his demons so that his kingdom will be undivided.

Also, why can't he have the biggest kingdom and allow for lesser ones?  What if say Asmodeus runs his faction?  

Is Jesus trying to protect a faction by pretending it is not there?

The scribes and Pharisees allegedly said that Jesus was getting demons out by the power of Beelzebub prince of demons.  Why was that so pointed?  Why not say that he was using black magic to transfer demons from one person to another while pretending this was about overcoming them, freeing the possessed?  They were smart people. The story is a lie or solid evidence was showing that like Joseph Smith, the Mormon Prophet, Jesus at the start had been dabbling in the occult openly.  In other words, while Smith had sacrificed a black dog to find treasure Jesus might have been claiming to have Satan as his genie in the bottle.  Sacrifice was used in demonic religion to move demons around out of the way.  Jesus had to have been accused of doing just that.

The exorcists in Christianity say that when faced with somebody who says they have demons and who are acting like its true, it is best to assume natural causes such as mental illness or even attention seeking. Cautioning that a mentally ill attention seeker may have a demon as well, the protocol is to find if nature cannot explain any of it and then to look for demons as a possible cause. This is admitting that demons have miracle powers!  They are virtually gods if they can do magic like that.  This fits in with Jesus' warning that the demons can do mighty miracles that would fool the very saints.

A crafty demon will act magically or miraculously instead of manipulating nature so that nature can explain but IS

NOT THE RIGHT EXPLANATION.  Looking for blatant miracles only encourages demons to hide themselves. Unless exorcisms don't really work....

Demons don't hide themselves - at least in some cases.  Or are the exorcists fooling us and lying that there is a demon there?  The demons are not afraid of the exorcists or Jesus or anything if they possess openly.  The New Testament has demons provoking Jesus who kicked them out of the victims.

Religionists all admit that assuming demons are at work too readily is going to harm the person and is immoral. It's bad for the exorcist too. But that is unavoidable when you see that a demon can discreetly use nature as an instrument. In that light, it could be finding a way to damage or direct a person's brain chemistry so that it looks like it is just a normal imbalance. The claim then that exorcists are really concerned for the victim does not hold water.

If you diagnose a disorder you have to, if possible, diagnose the remedy too.  Jesus left no instructions but prayer and fasting.  The gospels leave out the details of his exorcisms.  We only get skeletal information.  So was he using bad smells to drive a demon away as in the Book of Tobit?  Was he using the name of King Solomon as was customary then?  Was he sacrificing animals to gain the power to eject demons?  Pagan and Jewish exorcists offered animals to demons to bribe them to leave.  Different motivations were involved none of which were mutually exclusive.  Doing harm to an animal was thought to unleash a malevolent power that could terrorise a demon.  Or the demon accepted the abuse of the animal in lieu of living in a person.  Or the animal was killed after the exorcist tried to breathe the demons into it so that the demons would be sent back to Hell.  

We see something like that kind of thinking when Jesus moved demons from the possessed man to several pigs which then went and drowned themselves.  We are not saying Jesus set up an altar every time he met a seeming possession case.  He could have been doing the rites in case he would encounter somebody needing help.

Diagnosis by an exorcist is a many sided issue.  Exorcists diagnosing demons is one side. It means they are diagnosing that the person is not mentally ill when exhibiting possession signs.  Deciding that if the person is mentally ill and this has nothing to do with this means they are making assumptions about the person's illness than only a medical professional can decide.  So far they are diagnosing a demon and the limits of the mental illness.  Often they think the two are intertwined which makes it worse.  No responsible scientific society accepts such behaviour.  Exorcists belong in jail.

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