Exorcists are really just spiritual abusers


The Churches, especially the Catholic Church, have exorcists.  They claim to be able to diagnose if a person has demons in them that need removing.  Exorcism is claiming the authority to evict them.  The authority supposedly comes from Jesus Christ.  They are a sign of God's power over evil and as Jesus said God wants us to have the religion he set up they are seen as a sign that Christianity is the one religion authorised by God to speak with and for him.

Notice what is happening here.

The exorcist is claiming authority to diagnose.

The exorcist is claiming authority over your body.

The exorcist is claiming authority over the demons.

The exorcist is claiming to have the authority to decide that Jesus gave him these rights.

The exorcist is claiming the right to know that his prayers and his Jesus got rid of the demon when it might have left on its own.  Nobody likes that suggestion for it suggests nobody has power over demons and they make their own choices.

The exorcist is claiming the right to say that Jesus is the reason if the demon goes or stays so he gets a loophole for quackery.
The miracle of exorcism forces society to take the exorcists' word for it that this miracle really happens. Exorcisms are not public events. It is insane to imagine how a God can allow the miracle of possession to take place and then set up the miracle of exorcism. What is the point? The miracles are only signs for the exorcists. Nobody else. The exorcists might be lying and deluded. We do not believe anybody who says they were abducted by aliens when there is only their word for it. So why believe the exorcists?
Catholic exorcisms are paraded as proof that the Church is the only religion authorised by God to teach the truth and overcome evil. The demons would not advertise the true religion by attracting an exorcist by abusing the victim. If they do then God must be possessing them to make them do outrageous stupid things! Maybe it is God that should be exorcised!

One insurmountable problem is that the Church says that Jesus cast out demons there and then. The Church never does that. It sometimes takes years of exorcisms to get demons out. And sometimes they return. Perhaps they never left at all! It is a fact that few attempted Catholic exorcisms work. The success rate is low. And we question the right of the Church to attempt them in that light. Also, considering that drugs given to psychiatric patients help only about 30% of the time it follows that the Church claim that is only sends in the exorcist when it is sure the illness is not psychiatric as evidenced by the medication failing to help is just a bare-faced lie. One excuse for failed exorcisms is that the victim only pretended to be willing to turn to Christ. Being willing is a necessary condition for exorcism to work.
The following are the evidences that a person is possessed.

-Speaking or understanding languages which the person has never learned. It is impossible to prove a person never really learned the languages. (Curiously speaking in tongues is encouraged in Catholic charismatic circles. The Church simply assumes this is not a sign of demonic influence. But who knows?)
-Knowing (and revealing) things the person has no earthly way of knowing - fortune-tellers through pure luck can do this. An alleged demon always talks a lot of nonsense and the Church dismisses the errors as evidence that the demon tells lies while it upholds the alleged hits as proof that the demon really has supernatural knowledge. Chance and luck could explain it. The exorcist may tell the disturbed person things and be feeding the information to them.
-Physical strength beyond the person's natural physical makeup - does a priest know that some parts of our bodies are stronger than what we think? Our legs are powerful. And a drugged person can be stronger than usual. If priests are tired they may feel the victim is stronger than what he or she really is. If you feel an enemy is strong, suggestibility will make you think you have experienced his strength.
-A violent aversion to God, the Virgin Mary, the cross and other images of Catholic faith. The honouring of Mary and images is idolatry so the demon is only pretending to hate them.
-The person acts as if an entity that tells little else but lies is in them speaking through them. But what if the lies are coming from the person? The lies are not evidence that there is really a demon.
-Poltergeist activity indicates that the person is not necessarily possessed but just pestered by a demon.

Not one of the evidences is sane. Nobody can know for sure if a person's cure from seeming possession was a real cure from possession. Demonic possession is not a medical or psychiatric diagnosis.

Could the Church's antics be proof that Jesus' success with instant exorcisms is an exaggeration if not an outright lie? Maybe. Or it could be proof that the Church only imagines or fabricates its power to cast out demons. Jesus spoke of false signs and wonders.
If it is true that immoral exorcisms may lead to the exorcist getting possessed then maybe exorcists are all possessed? Maybe exorcism and the philosophy behind it is so insane that it leads to many exorcists losing their minds completely and acting possessed themselves?
It is dishonest of the Church to use psychiatric science to help her see if a demon might be present when this science is ignored after. The psychiatrist is left out of the affair after he or she gives the Church warrant to believe that the illness of the person cannot be explained by psychiatric knowledge and principles. This is dangerous in itself. And irresponsible. And it is hypocritical of the Church to run to the psychiatrist when the Church and psychiatry are at war over whether or not gay people are ill and transsexuals and very religious people etc are psychologically or mentally ill. The psychiatrist is not consulted when the Church says a demon has gone. The reason is that the Church is breaking the law by giving medical treatment without scientific warrant and the warrant of the medical establishment. If you took it on yourself to treat mental patients you would be arrested. There is nothing holy about any of the Church's exorcisms. At least it is an improvement on Jesus who took it for granted that the people brought to him were possessed and had no concern for verifying it or having it verified by the doctors of the day. If the Church were true to Jesus it would do the same vile and evil and irresponsible and fanatical thing. Jesus was also encouraging gullibility in those who brought the allegedly possessed to him. In fact, hardly any of the alleged victims showed any signs of truly being possessed. To do exorcisms in the name of Jesus is a sign of incompetence not of spiritual wisdom.
Is it really correct to say the Church exorcises demons when it commands them to go and they are still there? The demon stays put for ages indicating that the Church has no real power over it and is really laughing at Catholic superstition. There is every reason to think that the demon that leaves just wants to go to pastures new! It was not the exorcism that ejected it. The arrogant exorcist assumes it was his ceremonies and prayers that got the demon out. He cannot know that.
The victim during an exorcism is often aware of what is going on. The process must be very distressing or her or him. Not only is there a creepy ceremony going on, but it is often being repeated and it builds up hope that the demon will go and that hope is usually dashed. And the "demon" may be rampant and crazed during the exorcisms and start tormenting the victim with new ferocity. The victim is put through all that when there is absolutely no evidence that exorcism really benefits. The demon may go in its own time or start to hide in the victim. Exorcism is abuse. When the victim is a child this is heinous abuse.
Surely the victim could be trained or authorised to perform her or his own exorcism? The victim after all is privy to knowledge and experience that no other person can have. It is only justice to train people to cast out the demons themselves if there really are demons. Yet it is restricted to clergy even though Jesus didn't care who exorcised. The Catholic clergy in particular is guilty of using possession and exorcism to build up its own mystique and power.

A prayer that God wants to answer should be answered on the spot and the demon should be ejected immediately. It looks as if demons are happy enough to possess somebody for a while and just move on to somebody else when they feel like it while making it look like the exorcist got the demon out. But it goes on so long and the attacks of the alleged demon on the victim are exacerbated during the process for the exorcism makes the demon get really angry. No good God would stomach exorcism when it does this. So this suggests that the victim is just mentally ill and the supernatural tales about his or her affliction are exaggeration. Mental illness can often clear up eventually so is that why exorcism looks as if it worked at times?

Every exorcist must know he cannot really evict demons and it is a scam.  You can say Jesus may be in the scam too.  If the exorcism is really about Jesus taking action then why is he so bad at it?  Is he as much of a trickster as the exorcist?

Exorcism is only an excuse for abuse of the vulnerable.  All abusers try to gaslight and the exorcists are no exception.  And the wider Church that enables them is complicit and as much to blame.

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