The book, Fatima In Lucia’s own words, is a must for the person who ventures to expose Fatima for what it really is. The book was edited by Fr. Louis Kondor and published by the Postulation Centre of Fatima, Portugal. Approval for the book was given by the Bishop of Leira in 1976.

Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta were the visionaries of Our Lady of Fatima. These three children claimed they saw Mary on a number of occasions in 1917. Francisco and Jacinta died.

Lucia became a nun in 1921. The whole Fatima story comes to us through Lucia and she was not a trustworthy source and the Bible itself says that God wanted all things established by three reliable witnesses.

Fatima was put on the map when at the end of the final 1917 vision supposedly 70,000 saw the sun spin.

The idea to make the people see the sun spinning would have been suggested to Lucia by the fact that over a month before that miracle many people were claiming to have spotted signs in the sun (page 76). The child knew that some would insist they had seen the sun spin if she prompted them just before the famous miracle of the sun of October 13.

The witnesses who told us anything are too few and far between and many saw nothing. 

It is a problem when the visionary is seriously about making out non-signs are signs.

This takes us to the alleged miracle of the aurora borealis.  January 25, 1938 is when it happened.

Lucia claimed that the aurora borealis that she said was a sign from God was probably not an aurora borealis but a miracle (page 109). That was dishonest. Science did not support her in this and so it was not a real sign. The Lady said the sign would be an unknown light (page 162). This means a supernatural one.  It certainly means something that cannot be scientifically explained. The obscurantist Lucia claimed that science did not bother investigating it to find out that it was not an aurora borealis (page 25, Queen of Peace, Fall 1995).

Can we trust Lucia with her visions and her whirling sun? She is the only witness left for the others died before they could convince anybody. I wouldn’t trust her.

There is no evidence at all that Lucia or her vision predicted the aurora borealis before that night.  She made out that it was forecast. 

Fr Dhanis thought she imagined this prophecy after the event. He wrote, "Would it then be bold to ask if perhaps the natural impressions of Lucia before the aurora borealis were not integrated into the secret, if they did not introduce the words on the unknown light, as the herald of the great chastisement? The announcement of the aurora borealis in the secret is grounds for suspicion." Worse she linked it to a chastisement - thus she referred to World War II as a chastisement from God which was cruel for 99% of those who suffered and died were wholly innocent and nobody deserves to have to face war.

She never mentioned that the Virgin predicted Pius XI until there actually was a Pius XI! She thought war would happen during his papacy. But it happened some months after his death under Pius XII. The reason she erred was probably she did guess before the event. But it is certain that she lied that the Virgin mentioned Pius XI in 1917.

The fact is that her testimony about miracles is nothing compared to the evidence that she is not an authority to go to.  No matter how good the evidence for Fatima is, it is outweighed.

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