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Even if the unbelievers and sceptics are sincere they are still bad and doing harm in the religious view. They may not be sinners in disagreeing and opposing for they are sincere and well-meaning but they still do damage and must admit accountability.


Some religionists say, "Love the sinner and hate the sin". In the case of a sincere opponent of religion and miracle this will change to, "Love the person and hate the evil they do and cause". The whole point of hating sin is to hate the evil. Religion hates the evil intention in the person. That is a waste of energy because here is nothing anybody can do about that except the person themselves. Religion also hates the evil and harm the person produces. So the evil whether deliberate or not is to be hated. In fact, when you ostracise somebody you don't say, "I ostracise the sin not the sinner". You don't say, "I punish the sin but not the sinner". You can't do that any more than you hate the sin and love the sinner. Christians are fully aware of the hypocrisy - they don't believe anybody who tells them they hate their Christianity but love them. Miracles are in a real sense a call to hate. They demand that you hate and then do the additional evil of lying about it that it is really love you do.


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