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Prayer as God's Communication with You

The Bible first and foremost tells us to pray to God. People pray for they feel that they have tuned into a God who can protect them. They get deluded for they can't see how they are no better off than people who don't pray. People pray and get a sense that things will be all right. This is divination - the person seeks reassurance by using tarot cards or reading tea leaves. They get a vague sense of reassurance, they divine that things will be all right somehow. Prayer itself is occult. The same comfort that you get from reading your horoscope is the comfort that prayer gives you. Prayer is superstition. The miracles of the Bible can be understood as supporting the basic Bible endorsement of prayer. They are based on the occult and they endorse it. Prayer shows no respect to those who fear the occult or condemn it for they are prayed for.


Religion says God inspires us to pray. It claims that prayer is no good unless he inspires it and guides it for all good comes from him. Does God inspire us to pray because he has planned to give us what we seek through prayer? Then why do people experience unanswered prayer? They pray for things they don't get! Don't answer that God must have inspired you to pray for something just because you got it. That is arrogance. How can you be grateful to him? It is like being grateful to X for your mystery gift when you are only guessing that X was the benefactor!


God is said to communicate when we pray. He tells us when the bike we got that we prayed for was given to us because we prayed and not because somebody else prayed or because we were going to get it anyway. He tells the person that it will be okay when it keeps getting worse and worse. People do feel that God tells them when somebody is bad or damned. Those who bereave a suicide victim feel that way quite often. Thus though Christians say God must condemn people finally and not them they can get around this. They can say that God tells them who he condemns and why so that leaves them free to condemn and judge. Prayer is not talking to God but communicating with God. So prayer leads to people becoming arrogant and assuming they know more than they actually do.


To argue that prayer leads you to see that God gave you the bike in reply to prayer but that it cannot lead you to see that a person is condemned by God is just to make a fool of yourself. Why one and not the other? You argue that people don't have the right to feel that God tells them to judge as a result of prayer. Why then should you have the right to say that feeling you know he gave you the bike because your prayer was successful proves he did it? What makes you so special? What makes you the infallible authority on God? In the prayer of the humble, all one can see is the disguised pride and arrogance.


The Bible and the Church both say that when we pray the Holy Spirit prays with us - and in our place to make up for our deficiencies and that all prayer is inspired by God (Romans 8:26). When you pray for your baby to get better and it doesn't, did God inspire you to pray for something that was against his will? The doctrine is so absurd. It shows that if prayer works, it is not down to a God. A God that inspires you to pray for things he has no intention of giving you is a deceitful God. Prayer would prove his sneakiness more than his reliability. It wouldn't prove that prayer works. If you ask a disobedient brat to do something and he does it, it only proves he did it to please himself and not because you asked him. Your asking him didn't work - it only looked as if it did.


Nicky Gumbel of Alpha fame in his crazy book Alpha Questions of Life said that if you are in a relationship you can pray if it is right in the eyes of God. In other words, if it is wrong or more spiritually harmful than spiritually good, you ask God to end it. If it is spiritually fine then you ask God to protect it. That is fine but what if there is no God? What if you have got rid of a good partner because you imagine God wants the relationship to end? Gumble goes as far in his book as to encourage people to pray to see why somebody suffers. He speaks of a sick woman who was prayed for and the message from God was forgiveness. The woman was prompted to forgive somebody and she was healed.


If prayer leads to you deluding yourself like a mystic or psychic then is best abandoned. If it works for you, what about the harmful example you are leading for others?


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