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The Turin Shroud is the most famous relic in the world. Millions believe that it is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ bearing his crucified and bloodied image. The cloth is kept at Turin in Italy. The cloth is an enigma. Many say it is a miracle. If we do not know how to make something exactly like it, that is not to be wondered at. There are so many variables and possibilities and it aged, it was made so so long ago, and suffered so many chemical changes that we may never know for sure. Even if we make a perfect shroud it still does not prove that our method was deployed to make the Turin Shroud. Anybody declaring the cloth a miracle is a fraud pure and simple.


Why does the shroud show no smudging? If the body was removed from it the cloth should have been stuck to it by the blood. There is no trace of any damage to the bloodstains. These things mean that if there was a body in it then the image did not naturally come from it but a miracle must have been involved to transfer a picture and blood on to the cloth in an organised way.


Lay believers forget that all the experts who say the image is anatomically correct are not saying it is a direct body print but an image. Even scientific believers hold that the body levitated within the cloth and the image shot up from the body directly by some radiation. Even they do not believe the image is a print except maybe for the "blood". If it is a remote print, printed from a distance, sceptics see that Jesus did not really even need to be in the tomb at all if that was how the image was done!

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