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Joseph Smith the Mormon Prophet supposedly had visions of an angel that led him to the gold plates that became the Book of Mormon,


The 1851 version of Mormon scripture The Pearl of Great Price says that Nephi appeared to Smith. Later on it has been changed to Moroni. Nephi told Smith that he was chosen to be a prophet and a book was deposited that Smith must uncover containing the everlasting gospel. Smith was told his name would be had for good and evil among all nations and his mission would fulfil Bible prophecy. What difference does it make who the messenger was? A lot. Nephi said the Holy Spirit got him to murder the brother of Laban. Nephi made false prophecies. Nephi appearing casts doubt on Smith’s authenticity. Would God send somebody like that to tell a man that his name would be universally known and rouse either love or hate? That is what you might say of a saviour figure but a prophet?


Changing names like that is lying like it or not. If it turns out that the resurrected man in the Bible was Judas Iscariot not Jesus that is a big thing.





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