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Posted on Freethinker website 2014 regarding the Mormon Prophet Monson being summonsed to court for religious fraud and representing a religion based on lies that takes 10% of members incomes


Personally, I think Monson should be dragged to court for claiming that science is incompetent or lying when it says it has disproven Adam and Eve. That is slander. The Church claims to be educational – to be giving people the truth so that slander is intolerable. So there is a case to be made. If a school taught children that America didn’t exist and was just a conspiracy theory the school would have its year in court.

Generally a religious leader or religion can be successfully convicted of fraud if it is shown that he or it does not really believe the doctrines and profits socially and makes money. Monson should be taken to court for claiming to be a prophet of God for he cannot believe that. What evidence has he? God would not appoint prophets when all people can do is hope that they are prophets and when the evidence is non-existent or poor.

The Mormon Church might say that it tells its flock that it might be a hoax so if it is a hoax then it is their own fault if they are led astray. Mormon Prophets did teach that the Mormon faith is a monstrous and disgraceful imposture if its claims about Joseph Smith being a prophet and the Book of Mormon being true are false. If a religion admitting it might be a hoax is enough to get it off the hook for taking money off gullible members, then religions like Catholicism which never mention the possibility of being a hoax should be sued to kingdom come.


Some are saying that the court case is pathetic for if Philipps was fooled and paid 10% of his income for years to the Church that was his own fault. But this overlooks how vulnerable people can be. You would not argue that an old person who was fooled by a con man should have known better. The con man still needs to face the law.

Finally, the Roman Catholic Church decrees that if Catholics have money and fail to support the Church financially that they will suffer in Hell forever unless they repent and cough up. That is extortion. And it is even worse when the money is spent on parishes and churches which mostly have no social concern. Time somebody legally minded did something about that! 




At the root of the problem with Mormonism is how members of a religion and its enablers simply do not care if people waste their time labouring for a God who does not exist or for a religion that they think is from God when it is not. Too many people in Catholic Ireland here I have noticed do not care if a young man is fooled into becoming a priest as long as they receive his good works. The man says that he does all the good he does for God - it is not about benefiting the flock even if it does. If there is no God then the man is a slave to a man-made invention. The other problem is that the young men might not often be as innocent as you would think. If you want to feel you do good but don't want to do much for people, there is nothing better than praying for them and casting spells for them and turning bread into the body of Jesus for them. Religious devotion can be a substitute for being truly good. It is human nature to prefer its own version of good over real good. There is something warped about believing that in principle praying for a person helps better than actually getting the doctor for them. I am not accusing religious people of not using or believing in doctors. I am saying that they regard prayer as more important for they think prayer is the reason doctors exist in the first place! They feel that doctors in themselves are useless and it is God working through them that makes them useful. If God wants to help and no doctor will help then God will do it himself. So he does not need doctors or anybody to do good work at all. His giving them a job is just to give them something to do. Such doctrines are truly essential fanaticism.


RE: Facebook


Male Mormon leaders routinely interview children ages 12-18 in private, 1-on-1 sessions behind closed doors. These interviews frequently contain inappropriate questions regarding the child's sexual activity, including masturbation. This needs to end.

What would happen if a male school teacher scheduled a private meeting with a 12-year-old girl (a student of his) with no parents or other witnesses in the room, and then asked her if she pleasured herself sexually?


Consider the repercussions of a basketball coach holding a similar meeting with a 14-year-old athlete? Perhaps asking him if he's engaged in oral or anal sex?


Would it be okay if it was a police officer? Or the child’s boss at a fast-food restaurant or department store?


Clearly, these disturbing scenarios constitute a violation of the child's privacy and innocence, and most parents would take action to ensure the perpetrator never repeated this offense with another child. The perpetrator would be put on probation, fired or perhaps even thrown in jail.


Yet in the Mormon church, adult males (bishops and others) routinely interview children in their congregations -- behind closed doors, 1-on-1, with no parent present. These leaders are unpaid volunteers. They have no formal training in theology. They have no formal training in family counseling, human sexuality or pediatrics (unless they practice in these fields in their personal career). And somehow, many Mormon parents allow these men to violate their child's innocence -- all in the name of worthiness before God.


Many who experience these interviews later report that they felt violated, uncomfortable and traumatized. Some say they never knew what masturbation or oral sex was until the bishop explained it to them. Others suffer from extreme anxiety and guilt over masturbating -- a sin the Mormon church calls "a perversion of the body's passions."


Sadly, 16-year-old Kip Eliason even took his own life due to the Mormon-induced shame he felt about masturbation.


Mormonism's deplorable practice of subjecting children to sexually invasive interviews needs to stop -- and it needs to stop now. Mormons -- end it now.


COMMENT: It is awful that a religion can have the right to break child protection procedures and laws in this way. The Roman Catholic Church is no better. It blackmails children to confess at least once a year or if they think they have committed a sin that can land them in Hell forever - and masturbation is an example of such so called sin. It is a grave sin in that faith not to go to confession. The child is alone with a priest and nobody is supervising what is being said between them though there is the chance that sexual matters may come up. Disgraceful.

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