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Mormonism is the religion founded by Joseph Smith Jun in 1830.


He claimed that he translated a new scripture The Book of Mormon from golden plates that he dug up in a hill. Eleven witnesses had a vision of the plates. Their evidence was totally pointless because there is evidence in the book itself that it is not the word of God. For example, it makes prophecies and not one of them has been convincingly fulfilled. Those that did come true came true through luck. Yet Smith’s translation of the Bible (Deuteronomy 18) declared that the highest standards while giving revelation from God will be followed by a true prophet. Basically, if a prophet gets all his predictions right but one he is still to be regarded as a fraud despite the miraculous knowledge of the future. This warns us against the idea of accepting miracles as signs from God though the false prophet Jesus (who claimed allegiance to Moses or to have sent him) claimed they were. Logically the same would apply to prophets who make some predictions that could be explained by chance when they are fulfilled. The Bible indicates that evil spirits can do seemingly holy miracles to deceive people but since only God knows the future then prophecy is the only way to be sure, it is the only miracle that proves God is speaking or has spoken.


Smith prophesied that a man called David Patten would accompany him on a mission in spring but Patten died before this happened. The Mormon answer that Patten would do the mission as a spirit being is just an obvious cop out. This prophecy can be read in the Mormon Scripture Doctrine and Covenants Section 114 which asks Patten to sell what he has and get ready so that he can go on the mission with twelve others. Another excuse is that the section contains not a prophecy but a command from God for David. Would God tell you to do something knowing you will die before you get the chance especially when he doesn’t speak much? Excuses like this are unconvincing and when God speaks there can be no doubt that God knows the future. God says in the prophecy that it is wisdom for Patten to get ready for the mission. Why would God who rarely speaks waste time on Patten and what he was doing if he was going to take Patten from the world? Smith accepted the Bible statement that if a prophet predicts wrongly he is a fraud. Smith was a fake prophet.


Smith’s new addition to the Bible The Book of Mormon is a fraud. The Bible commands that a prophet who is always right but who is wrong once or who teaches heresy is to be ignored. That is why if Smith was not a true prophet we cannot believe in the Book of Mormon.


Mormon 7:9 says that whoever believes the Bible will believe the Book of Mormon. But the Book of Mormon says the Bible has been changed and corrupted and the Bible gives no reason to believe in the Book of Mormon! 2 Nephi 2:23 states that if Adam and Eve had not sinned they would have had no children and would not have known any joy for they knew no misery and being unable to do good for they did not know what sin was. This is utter rubbish. Sinlessness was no bar to making babies. Thought God was all-powerful? And you can have joy when you forget about misery and do good when you forget about sin so you can have joy without knowing what sin is.


Moroni 10:3-5 promises that those who sincerely pray about whether or not the Book of Mormon is true will find that it is true. Mormons interpret that to say that they will get a burning feeling that it is true from God which tells them that it is true. It mentions knowing and not feelings and the Book says that feelings can mislead so it means that the Book will be credible which is completely untrue. We know that when people stray from the truth that it is because they feel their heresy is true. The Book of Mormon is saying that there will be plenty of archaeological evidence for its claims. This is untrue. Archaeologists ignore the book completely. No wonder when the Book says America was full of cows, pigs and horses in the period it claims to record which we know isn’t true. Today Mormons say that there were strange animals and God just used the name of the animal we know in the modern world that was most like them! Rubbish! Smith altered the Book after saying it was the word of God. For example, he forgot that King Benjamin was dead by the time we get to the book, the Book of Mosiah verse 21:28 in the Book of Mormon. He had to subsequently change this to King Mosiah. To this day, the Church has been interfering with the text.


Smith was copied by a man who was undoubtedly a fraud James Jesse Strang who produced far more convincing witnesses to his miraculous, yet undoubtedly non-existent, plates which warns us not to be quick to believe Smith.

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