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Here is a synopsis of the good questions that Mormons cannot answer in the booklet, Ask Your Bishop by Ira T Ransom. My own observations and comments are interspersed.


1. The law of progression from manhood to godhood is supposed to be unchangeable and was in existence even before God became God so you have to be a man before you can be a God. Yet Jesus was born a God and not just a man and the Holy Spirit is a God though he never took a body.


4. The Book of Mormon cannot be the fullness of the gospel when it did not teach this law of progression. Mormons say we should be satisfied that the Book of Mormon teaches enough for salvation but not all. But God is supposed to have sent us to earth to try and make gods of us. But only those who know the Mormon doctrines that are not in the Book of Mormon can succeed. The Book of Mormon never speaks of an infallible prophet or Church that is to supplement the gospel so the Mormons cannot say the Book of Mormon contains the gospel not explicitly but implicitly by directing us to the Mormon Church for salvation.


12. Smith stated in Doctrine and Covenants 84 that no man can see God and live. Yet he said later that he saw God in 1820! Mormons say that Doctrine and Covenants only means that those who have no priesthood and authority to see God cannot look on him and live. But Doctrine and Covenants does not say that so how could it mean that?


17. The Mormon Church uses water instead of wine for communion. The early Church according to both the Bible and the Book of Mormon used wine. Water is not a good picture of blood. And why would anybody want to make the Bible say it had to be wine when the original said water? Mormons blame all differences between their religion and the Bible as we now have it on the corruption of the Bible.


21. Mormonism says the Bible is translated wrong. Why then don’t their prophets produce a complete and corrected Bible by the power of God which they say they can do?


23. Brigham Young’s Journal of Discourses stated that Jesus was married to Martha and Mary at Cana. He gave no evidence for this assertion. John 2 says that Jesus was invited to this wedding.


28. Shows that according to an older edition of the Church History Smith still preached against polygamy in October 1843 despite the infamous revelation of July that year that commanded it. Mormons might say he only forbade unauthorised polygamy. The Church says that only those who were holy enough to become gods were allowed to practice plural marriage. Adam had only one wife and it is too much to believe that the Roman Church would have thought of making that up and changing the Bible. Besides, the Jewish Bible says the same and the Jews were pro-polygamy.


43. Despite teaching that the apostle John is still alive on earth the Church has its own twelve apostles and this makes thirteen apostles. And why can’t John lead the Mormon Church? What evidence is there that John is preaching Mormonism?


46-48. Smith failed to see that Esaias and Isaiah were the same person. And also that Elijah and Elias were the same. He did not know that the difference in names was due to translation and he split Isaiah into Isaiah and Esaias. He split Elijah into Elijah and Elias! He even claimed that Elijah and Elias appeared as two people in the Kirtland Temple in Doctrine and Covenants 110. A man who was supposed to be able to translate the Bible thinking that two Bible men were four! When a man sees visions and receives revelations from Esaias and Elias who do not exist how can he be trusted with stories about gold plates and angels?


50. Mormon apostles have denied that Mormonism used to teach that certain people had to be murdered in a bloody way to atone their sins. But it’s in Young’s Journal of Discourses, Vol 3, 247. The Mormon Church tells lies.


61. Mormons ignore the restrictions of meat eating in the word of wisdom (Doctrine and Covenants, 89).


63. 3913 changes have been made by the Church in the Book of Mormon apart from correction of punctuation. The Mormon often says he believes the Book of Mormon because God has told him so. The question is, what Book of Mormon?


92. Alma 24:10 is against the view that murder is an unpardonable sin. Mormon doctrine disagrees with the Book of Mormon in this.

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